Details of Overwatch Event number 7 has been datamined

By Kurtis Chan on May 29, 2017

Event number 6 of Overwatch, Overwatch Anniversary Event has only been going on for a week only, but details of the next Overwatch event have surfaced thanks to the hard work of dataminers. Even though the Overwatch Anniversary event still have a whole two weeks to go, it does not mean that Blizzard will stop planning for its next major update. 

Dataminers were able to dig out information for Overwatch Anniversary event thanks to Robert Nix on Twitter who managed to decipher the encryption keys and released it publicly for everyone who knows how to utilize OverTool and discover the files that are hidden within the game. Thanks to him, we were able to find out the items unlockable from the Overwatch Anniversary event, and also the upcoming event number 7.

New Sound Effects

New sound effects were found hidden within the game files, namely the intro music when we first log in to the game, as well as the sound of opening an loot box.

Intro Music

Loot Box Opening 1

Loot Box Opening 2

Golden Loot Box

Besides new sound files, a new entry of 'golden loot' was also found. There are also findings of references to 'golden loot boxes' and 'golden loot' in the strings dump of Overwatch. Here is a texture for the new golden loot box.

The Overwatch community has been making all sorts of guesses on what will the next event be and what does the golden loot box mean. Summer is just a month away which could eventually mean the return of Summer Games event. As for the golden loot box, majority of the people are specualting that Overwatch will soon implement Heroes of the Storm loot chest system where there will a rarity for these loot boxes, which makes it easier for player to obtain a least an epic tier item.

It is still too soon to tell what is going to happen next in Overwatch. For the time being, just enjoy the Anniversary event while it is still available and try to unlcok all the awesome event items.


Source: Overwatch Subreddit

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