Deadly Premonition Is Now Out On Switch And Is Getting A Sequel

By Michelle J. Brohier on Sep 5, 2019

Who would have thought this cult classic detective horror game would be revived somehow? Leave it to Nindies to bring back the weirdest games into the spotlight. Last year, we had Night Trap and it looks like another weird horror game has made its way to the Switch - and will also be getting a sequel! That's right, get ready for Deadly Premonition.

For those unaware of Deadly Premonition or why it's considered a cult classic, you need to watch this:


As you can see, Deadly Premonition is one of the best, or worst, videogames of all time, depending who you ask. I, for one, find the campiness hilarious and believe it's high time for there to be memes for this game. The game is making its way to the Switch right now and it also looks like Hidetaka Suehiro (Swery), the writer/director of the original game, is involved in the sequel so we're excited to see where this game could go.

Despite how weird it is, Swery manages to impose his own idiosyncratic vision on Deadly Premonition's small-town murder mystery. The result is a game that's packed with intriguing touches and wonderfully memorable characters, and it all comes together to create an experience that's daft, audacious and, yes, genuinely moving. Would it actually delve into horror, or would it be in line with the weirdness of the first game?

As if this isn't enough, the Switch will also be receive a port of the 2010 original Twin Peaks series, prior to Deadly Premonition 2's launch next year.

As mentioned earlier, Deadly Premonition Origins will launch later today for the Nintendo Switch. No news yet on whether it will come to other platforms.

Now excuse me, I need to look at my coffee with interest.

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