Darksiders 3 showcases its pre-alpha whipping action

By Melvyn Tan on May 6, 2017

It hasn't been long since Darksiders 3 was revealed, along with details of the plot and main character - female Horseman of the Apocalypse Fury goes to Earth to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins - and its 2018 release date. Despite that recent reveal and fairly far off release date however, we've now got 12 minutes of gameplay to watch and judge, thanks to IGN. We might have to take it easy on the judging part though, since it's just pre-alpha gameplay.

In short, the footage revolves around Fury whipping demons with her signature weapon before battling one of the Sins, Sloth. The video starts off on the surface post-apocalyptic Earth, with lots of greenery that remind me a bit of NieR: Automata's city ruins, but with more colour and demons. By the end of it, we're in a slightly yucky-looking arena fighting large crab-like creatures, some of whom are responsible for carrying the seat on which Sloth sits on.

There's a teeny bit of platforming - with the whip involved sometimes as well - but it's mostly about the action here. Fury is quite acrobatic, and her jumps and somersaults are fun to watch. The combat seems slower than the previous Darksiders games however, and the camera is closer to the player this time. It's not as big of a change as the new God of War's camera angle, but it's still noticeable.

The only weapon and means of combat shown here is Fury's whip, which seems a tad underwhelming. Maybe it's just my dislike of whip weapons in general, based on my experience in Warframe, but the attacks lack satisfying or discernible physical impact, although the audio side of things is better. Then again, it's still pre-alpha, and maybe it'll be better come the full release.

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