Custom controller specialist beats Dark Souls 3 using just a steering wheel

By Kin Boon on Mar 29, 2017

Modern day technology has enabled us to have various creative ways to complete a game, with speedruns being the most basic form of it. While we have gamers who thrive to clock in the world record time for the fastest playthrough, there are others who prefer to do it at their own pace, albeit with a custom controller. One-half of Twitch streamer TheSuperScrubs, ATwerkinYoshi constantly does controller challenges for Dark Souls 3, and he has recently completed the game using a steering wheel.

The seemingly impossible feat was achieved using a modded Wii-mote Steering Wheel for PC, with proper control settings to ensure optimum character control during the grueling and unforgiving run. ATwerkinYoshi has come a long way since completing his first playthrough in Dark Souls 3 with more than 360 deaths, as he only suffered 77 deaths in the steering wheel run. On top of that, he didn’t use any summons and he managed to beat five bosses without dying, which is a remarkable stat to complement the achievement.

With that said, this is not a one of a kind challenge since a few gamers have undertaken it before with different custom controllers. ATwerkinYoshi himself has previously done the controller challenge using a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad, motion controls, and Donkey Kong Bongos. As much as the Reddit community congratulates ATwerkinYoshi on his latest achievement, they are already looking forward to his next controller challenge, namely the Power Glove and Rock Band drums. Most importantly, he’s open to the idea as well, so it won’t be long before we see him adding another achievement to the list.

Source: Reddit

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