Ctrl Alt Gaming Brought Gamers Together For A Weekend Of Fun

By Dale Bashir on Apr 2, 2018


Ctrl Alt Gaming happened last weekend and it was an absolute blast. For being a community-driven event, it really brought home the message and feeling of being a part of the gaming community in Malaysia. Gamers from all walks of life gathered at Sunway University’s Jeffrey Cheah Hall from 31st March to April 1st to partake in tournaments, cosplay, attend talks, or just to hang out and play games with their fellow gamers.

The convention was also the first convention to host their event online, with gamers who can’t make it to the event physically being able to stream the event and enjoy all the goings-on from the comfort of their homes.


Walking into the Jeffrey Cheah Hall, you could truly feel the gaming spirit in the air. I’ve been to other gaming conventions and events and before, but nothing really captured the spirit of Malaysia’s gaming scene as well as this one. There were booths to try out a plethora of games, like Monster Hunter World and Dragonball FighterZ, which is available for everyone to play together. There were also games with smaller communities, like Super Smash Bros Melee or Puyo Puyo Tetris, making an appearance on the show floor for people to try out and hopefully gain new fans.

There were also tournaments for Dragonball FighterZ, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Hearthstone and more. These tournaments showed off the best players in our region, with MVP Mobile Arena bringing the best commentators to officiate the event by providing commentary in Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Mandarin. These efforts to unite gamers beyond linguistic boundaries and come together with the games they played was a remarkable feat.


While it was mostly focused on the community aspect of gaming, there were also talks by experienced designers in the gaming industry providing insights into what goes on behind the scenes. These include talks by Popcon, where they talk about bringing online creators together; concept artist Jonathan Ting, talking about the industry itself and providing insight; and CG Director for Metronomik Jarold Sng, giving a talk on the design process of video game collectibles. Malaysian video game poster boy, Wan Hazmer, also made an appearance in the convention, showing his support for the next generation of gamers in Malaysia.


Overall, Ctrl Alt Gaming was a pleasant surprise and really was a great event that brings the gaming communities of Malaysia under one roof. The event’s success can be credited to the organizers, Sunway E-Sports Club, THE MAGIC RAIN, MVP Mobile Arena, and Games Fusion for doing a great job in pulling the event off. The event was also sponsored by Edge Asia, High Grounds and many more. Kudos to the event-organizers for a wonderful job. Here’s hoping Ctrl Alt Gaming comes back in the years to come. Do check out our video covering the event:

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