Crisis Action Brings Power Packed Action With The Mi Power League

By Nicolas See Tho on Jul 31, 2017

Crisis Action, one of the few competitive FPS games for the mobile platform has recently announced its collaboration with Xiaomi, to launch an online league competition dubbed the Mi Power League. The league will come with a huge bundle of prizes as well as many access points for viewing the tournament. 

One of the grand prizes from the Mi Power League is a unit of the Redmi Note 4, and with just that prize alone, there has been a registry of over 10,000 players who have signed up for the league. This league will go through single elimination rounds followed by final qualification rounds during the period of 29-30th July. Additionally, winners from this league can also win up to 12,000 diamonds, Fire Dragons and much more.

Aside from that, there is a big new update coming up for Crisis Action which ranges from new modes, new gacha wheels, new maps and of course, new weapons.  Among the new modes being released is the new Bomb mode and Top shooter mode. @ new maps are being included, which are the Coastal Town and Oil platform, while the latest wheel to be added in is the Wheel of Balrog, which lets players win new rare weapons, characters, and accessories. Last but not least, a new weapon is being added into the game, which is the new Blood DP-12 and Retdin Knight. 

If you are interested in this game, check out their download link here.



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