Could The PlayStation 5 Look Like This In 2021?

By Dale Bashir on Jul 5, 2018

Sony’s PS4 has been winning the current console race, with over 80 million units sold since launch, beating out the Xbox One by a large margin. While the PS4 is going strong, that hasn’t stopped people from thinking about what’s to come next after it. These concept artists took to try their hand at designing what they think the PS5 would look like.


Joseph Dumary

Joseph Dumary, a product designer from Paris, showed off his interpretation of the upcoming PlayStation 5 in a design showcase on Coroflot. Using the PS4 as a base, Dumary built upon the slanted, boxy look of the PS4 Pro and his idea for a new Dualshock 5.

Conceptualised as the “world’s first smart console”, Dumary reimagines the home console to feature Air HDMI, a wireless and seamless connection between the console and the TV. He also makes his PS5 be made out of 60% recyclable materials, 8K ready, an integrated battery within the console, and more. He really sets it out to be the console of the future.

The conceptual controller eschews the traditional Dualshock design, using a more rounded design, similar to the Xbox One controller. All the classic buttons and analogs are in the usual places, though Dumary made sure to expand on the Dualshock 4’s touchpad. In its place is a touch screen with the patented Sixaxis function, making Dumary’s version of the controller more in line with the Wii U gamepad in a way. The controller also doesn’t need to be charged and is also voice activated. Check out the PS5 concept and his other works including a conceptual Google console and his old PS4 concept art right here.


Danny Haymond Jr.

Of course, Dumary isn’t the only fan showing his dream design. There's a whole website dedicated to fans pitching their vision for Sony’s next console. One designer by the name of Danny Haymond Jr. put a lot of effort in his two concepts for the PlayStation 5. One concept involves heavy use of hologram technology! Haymond envisions the console of the future to have holographic imagery coming out of both the console and the controller for alerts and immersion.

Opting for a much sleeker design, the black box design is accentuated by the blue lights emitting from the hologram ring. It’s also able to stand up and support its weight on one side on its own without a stand. The concept also shows that Haymond would think that new-age consoles wouldn’t use CDs anymore and just rely on streaming games from a cloud.

While both the console itself has holographic properties, Haymond also thinks that VR would be better than ever, and shows off his design for a brand new VR headset for the PS5, which incorporates some sort of neural link between the player and the console.

Haymond also has an alternate design where the PS5 is a futuristic, levitating ball of a console. This goes to show that fans can to infinity and beyond when coming up with design concepts of the future.


Kevin Tan

Concept artist Kevin Tan looks towards the Nintendo Switch for inspiration for his vision of the PS5. He hopes for the PS5 to be a console/ portable hybrid, a foldable construct that brings PlayStation back on the go. It comes equipped with a crazy disc driver that runs right in the middle of the whole console.

Since the PSP is long gone, and the Vita has since been the forgotten stepchild of the PlayStation family, Tan hopes that Sony would opt for a fusion of these Sony’s bygone ideals of portable and home console and revitalise it for a new generation.


David Hansson

The last concept we’ll be looking at is by David Hansson, a more tame and realistic take on what could be done with the PS5. Keeping with the blue and black aesthetic of the PS2, Hansson’s take comes from the innovation he hopes to come in the Dualshock 5.

He envisions the Dualshock 5 to basically have an entire screen mapped on to it, making for adaptive controller skins depending on the game played. This would certainly put any and all exclusive controllers out of fashion and certainly bring a whole new look to the next generation.

All of these are just pure conjecture, nothing more than a hardcore fan’s dream console. Nonetheless, these artists have done an amazing job and has certainly sparked the imagination of other Sony fans. With ideas like these, we can’t wait to see the real PS5 making it to our homes in 2021.

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