Cost of Nintendo Labo as high as over RM700 in Malaysia?

By Michelle J. Brohier on Mar 16, 2018

We don't know how many of you intend to buy Nintendo Labo, but it looks like we Malaysians have to fork out quite a bit. The real question is: how much? As more information is being revealed, we decided to do a quick check in anticipation of its release.

When Nintendo Labo was announced, many people questioned whether the cost of boxes these "to-assemble" boxes are really worth the price. But the kit doesn't just come with cardboard pieces, they also come with the program that really bring these items to life - the actual game.

The cost for the Labo is US$69.99 for the Variety Kit and US$79.99 for the Robot Kit. A normal Nintendo Switch game costs around US$60 so the cardboard box only costs an extra US$10 - US$20 or so. We can be certain that the quality of the cardboard should be sturdier than the ones we commonly see too, so they may be worth it after all.

But what about the cost in Malaysia? With conversion (as well as other added cost), this would have translated to the Labo costing anywhere between RM300 to RM400 for us here. From what we’ve seen so far, there are pre-orders available now with the price being around that range after all. A check on Play-Asia has confirmed this, with customisation kits costing above RM50 as well (though this did not include delivery fees).

But a quick check on Lazada as well as 11street shows the Labo kits being sold anywhere between RM400 - RM600, to as high as over RM700!

The products on those sites seem to be delivered from South Korea, which may play a role in the cost. But that’s still double the cost of what we expected! It’s still a mystery to us, so if anyone has any information on this, we sure would like to know what’s happening.

A more stable price is bound to be released at some point in official game stores, but those have yet to be announced for now. Until then, it’s best to hold off pre-ordering the Labo and pray that it would end up being in the more affordable price range of RM300 - RM400.

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