Cosplayers find “creative” workaround to replace banned props at Phoenix Comicon

By Kin Boon on May 30, 2017

Image credit: Reddit
Image credit: Reddit

The Phoenix Comicon might not be a household name for conventions along the likes of San Diego Comic-Con and BlizzCon, but just like any mass gatherings of pop culture enthusiasts, it is bound to feature cosplayers. It is always nice to see these people displaying their love for a particular franchise, yet it’s problematic for them to do so since prop weapons were banned from the showroom floor. Fortunately, it’s not that huge of a deterrent as shown by this couple’s creative backup plan.

D.Va cosplayer Amorong and her husband, who dressed up as Soldier 76 from Overwatch, used cardboards to replace their props, with some words written across to explain their choice of “weapons”. The quick workaround was implemented after Phoenix Comicon authorities employed an emergency policy, due to the arrest of an attendee targeting Power Ranger veteran Jason David Frank. He was also found carrying firearms and knives.

Image credit: beatenrailroad - Instagram
Image credit: beatenrailroad - Instagram

The Amorong couple wasn't the only ones using creative props, as another fellow attendee made custom signs to downplay the ban. However, all of them have been confiscated, simply because substitute props were still considered as props. Now you know what to do and what not to do when faced with such circumstances in future pop culture conventions.

Source: Kotaku

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