Conquer Westeros on-the-go: Game of Thrones Conquest Gets a Release Date

By Dale Bashir on Oct 4, 2017

A mobile iteration of HBO's fantasy epic, based on George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire is coming to your smartphones. Game of Thrones Conquest is an online strategy game for mobile users and will take place in Westeros as players will take the role of a house leader and raise armies to claim the Iron Throne.

Whether you'll be fair and just like Daenerys, honorable like Jon Snow, or do whatever it takes to get what you want like Cersei, Game of Thrones Conquest has got you covered. Forging alliances with your fellow lords of Westeros, uniting under one house, and working together to defeat the White Walkers, only then will you come out on top of the Iron Throne. Fans of the show can pre-register now and can get all kinds of in-game rewards, including: the Exclusive Night's Watch Training Gear which are The Black of the Night's Watch Chest Piece, The Sword in the Darkness, The Watcher on the Walls Helmet, 2 Million Resources that are split between 1,000,000 Food and 1,000,000 Wood, 500 Gold and 24 Hours' Worth of Speedups to minimize the wait time in your game.

Game of Thrones Conquest will be available for free for IOS and Android on the 19th of October 2017.


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