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By Yue Lynn on Apr 5, 2018

Overwatch League Stage 3’s Day 1 was a nice surprise. Between Geguri’s debut with Shanghai Dragons and the Retribution event announcement, it felt like a day filled with Overwatch goodness, much to fans’ delight. As teased earlier, the comic and event reveal are definitely whetting players’ appetite for more Blackwatch lore.

Both the comic and the trailer have a lot of goodies packed into it, including Moira’s possible new Blackwatch skin! Overwatch game director, Jeff Kaplan also revealed that Reaper will have a new skin called Soldier: 24, based on the Super Soldier program. Besides cosmetics (according to Shacknews, this event will have 60 unlockables for fans to collect) the spotlight will also be shined onto the early days of Talon.

So it’s not a surprise that Kaplan calls Retribution “the one that changed Overwatch’s history forever”. During this event (10th-30th April 2018), players can play Uprising and Retribution whereby both have the Story Mode and the All Heroes Mode. Retribution's Story Mode will include playable characters Moira, Genji, McCree and Reaper.

More excitingly, Retribution’s location is a map called Rialto (during night time), an actual district in Venice, Italy. Additionally, the daytime version of this map will be a future payload map that will be tested in the Public Test Region (PTR) starting from April 10th 2018. This is huge news as Rialto will be the next map to debut in Overwatch after the recently-released Blizzard World!

I don’t know about you but I’m pumped up to play Retribution alongside Uprising and collect some cool new cosmetics! After all, we players could always use some extra fun!

Read the latest Overwatch comic here.

Comic images are courtesy of Overwatch.

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