CLOVR - Virtual reality for the masses (UPDATES)

By Jasmin on Apr 27, 2018

CLOVR is a Singaporean company based in Kuala Lumpur and yesterday they revealed their passion project: the CLOVR app, a soon to be released mobile app that will transform any PC game into a virtual reality game. That’s right, any game. All you need is a PC, your favourite game (preferably in first person), a VR headset, a controller and your smartphone. No wires, no extra baggage.

“How?” I hear you ask. The app takes the game you wanna play on your PC, converts them into a VR-ready format and transmits them to your phone via WiFi. It uses the phone’s inner gyroscope to track head-movement. Because it’s completely wireless, you’re free to move around your room and immerse yourself further into the game. Just download the app, load up your game, slide your phone into the VR headset and you’re ready to go. That’s how.

Now, they have the app in hand and it’s pretty much ready to go but alas, like any startup company, they need funds before they can push it to the masses. Rather than getting it through corporate-means, they’re launching a global Kickstarter campaign to get funds from us the consumers on March 6th. Their vision is to make VR more affordable and accessible to the masses and honestly, they’re legit. Though they’re not only wanting to make VR more accessible to gamers, they hope to bring it over to other platforms as well, like education or real estate.

“We are not only for gaming. CLOVR thrives on our unique technology to bring VR to every industry and entity, without a hefty price tag. If you imagine with us, the use cases for this seamless technology allows for gaming, showing real estate, interior design, movies, on-boarding and much more... ”

- Daryll Tan, CLOVR Business Development

I must honestly say that I’m a bit sceptical that their app isn’t a pay-once service, instead its a subscription service. The app itself will be free on the App Store and Google Play but like Spotify, they will charge as low as US$0.99 a month for full-access to the app though there would be a free-trial period instead of a free-but-full-of-adverts thing.

Their Kickstarter campaign will run for 60 days and the basic tiers start from as low as SG$3 (approx. RM9) for a 3-month access to the app and up to SG$12 (approx. RM36) for a year’s access. There will also be bundles like a year’s worth of access for 4-20 people and some limited-edition Kickstarter exclusives like lifetime subcriptions and CLOVR gear from SG$100 (approx. RM296).

I was on ground at their press conference and got some hand-on time with three games of different genres and I will say: it really works. Subnautica was incredibly beautiful right in front of my eyes. Doom III was pretty intense though it took a bit of getting used to not flicking the right analog stick to move my field of vision but of course, it being Doom, you don’t focus for a moment and you’re dead. My personal favourite demo of the morning: playing Left 4 Dead 2 on multiplayer. As much as I love RPGs, I love enjoying games with others even more and being able to easily play a game like L4D2 got me quite hyped. The possibilities are endless.


As of 24th April, CLOVR has reached their funding goals and is over 100% backed on Kickstarter! If you haven't already, you have until May 5th to back this super cool project. Psst, they also have some new perks on offer.

Big congrats to Gan and the CLOVR team for hitting their goal and we're looking forward to seeing what they have up their sleeves! 

All photos provided by CLOVR.


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