Cloud Alliance And Unity Technologies Partner Up To Develop MOO Store

By Yue Lynn on Jan 30, 2018

Cloud Alliance, a Singapore-based gaming tech startup and Unity Technologies (“creator of the world’s leading real-time development platform”) has recently announced that both have partnered up together to create an app store for developers. Called the MOO Store, said app store will be “operated exclusively by Cloud Alliance in Southeast Asia with the goal of helping Unity game developers simplify their onboarding processes.”

This means that “the MOO Store will allow developers to access the fragmented Southeast Asia games market, in which developers typically need to undergo lengthy and cumbersome integration processes to publish their apps in various app stores. The MOO Store will simplify the mobile app publishing process and offer value-added services for game developers, such as customised curation, content localization and publishing.”

According to Jonathan Sze, Co-Founder of Cloud Alliance,“We are ecstatic to continue our fruitful partnership with Unity. After our successful launch of CloudMoolah, we are now integrating our groundbreaking payment system into the MOO Store, which will help Unity game developers simplify their onboarding processes. With the announcement of the MOO store, we hope to help developers find an easier avenue to penetrate the rapidly-growing games market in Southeast Asia.”

Unity has been working with Cloud Alliance since 2016 when the two companies partnered to create an integrated payment platform solution, CloudMoolah. Serving more than 5.5 million game developers on Unity's platform, CloudMoolah provides Unity developers with access to more than 500,000 retail payment points across the booming Southeast Asia games market, where credit card penetration is still less than three percent.

On another note, here are some stuff to know about the MOO Token:

To realize Cloud Alliance’s vision of democratizing the game payments and distribution space, a Initial Coin Offering (ICO)/Token Generation Event (TGE) will be held for the company’s MOO Token

The tokens, which are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum Blockchain, will be convertible into CloudMoolah Points (“CMP”). CMP will be used as the mode of payment for transactions within the MOO Store.

Gamers who have purchased the MOO Token will be able to exchange their MOO Token for more CMP in the MOO Store than if they were using fiat currency. Gamers can also support the games they love using the MOO Token through crowdfunding as well as trading of services and items on the MOO Store.  

For developers, some of the possible use cases of the MOO Token include:

- Paying for game publishing services to grow their games

- Receiving incubation support from Cloud Alliance

- Obtaining support through crowdfunding

- Trading various services and items on the MOO Store

To study more about MOO tokens and CloudMoolah, do visit here:

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