Clash Royale League Is Now An Official Esports League

By Yue Lynn on Mar 15, 2018

Supercell, creator of the mobile game Clash Royale will launch its official esports league this month. The “Clash Royale League” will consist of multiple, regional leagues in North America, Europe, Asia, and Mainland China. Each league region will have between six to 12 professional teams, with four to six players per team.

For the Asian region, the League will consist of 12 teams in total from the Southeast Asian countries, along with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea and Japan. The league will have two seasons; wherein there will be around 70 matches per season. League format will be round robin, with the top teams advancing to the playoffs. Top teams from each region will proceed to the World Finals hosted in Asia this winter.

For the uninitiated, Clash Royale is a thrilling real-time PvP game where you deploy a deck of up to eight cards of characters to fight in a battle that lasts around three minutes. The fight will involve you attacking your enemy’s towers while defending yours at the same time. Now, though the rules may look simple, the match’s result can depend on various factors. Factors could range from how well you build your deck, the precise timing of your tactics, to the level of compatibility between you and your opponent. After all, it’s wise to remember that Clash Royale is a game of clever strategies whereby comebacks are real and “overtime-sudden-death” wins are utterly possible.

More importantly, the League offers everyone a shot at becoming a professional player. Those who are interested are required to join an in-game event called “Clash Royale League Challenge,” which has already started, and to also meet requirements from the League and Teams. Then, going through a selection process, such as optional online tournaments and tryout day, professional players will be signing with teams. Also, the Clash Royale League will offer each team subsidy for support. Further details about professional players, teams, and tournaments will be revealed accordingly at a later date.

Additionally, Supercell has revealed the following information regarding Clash Royale League in the Asia region:

Overview Of Clash Royale League:   
Players who are interested to go pro can join the in-game event which will run from March 14th to March 18th. Between end of March and early April, additional selection processes, namely, in-game competitions and offline meet-ups with team owners for the “Clash Royale League Challenge” victors will be conducted. Once these processes are done and dusted, the “Professional Players” announcement will be done by mid April. This means that the first season will officially commence by late April and subsequently, the second season will start in August. Then, as winter comes, the World Championship will be held.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the League in Asia is partnered with Google Play so all matches will be played on Android devices. In terms of prize money, a total of USD200,000 (RM779,900) will be awarded to top team(s).

Regarding Professional Players:

As of April 1st 2018, players need to be at a minimum age of 16 years old to participate in the League and anyone under-18 must have their guardian’s permission. Each player’s contract will end on December 31st 2018  and it’s important to take note that each team possesses different requisites for team participation and stipends for players. During league season, it is mandatory for every player to play in all matches; it’s also feasible for players to attend school and work, provided they have fulfilled their obligations such as participating in tournaments, attending photoshoots, etc.

It’s totally doable for up to two pros on each team (called “Legacy Players”) to take up a unique position that does not require them to join the tryouts or the Clash Royale 20 Win Challenge. According to the Clash Royale team, the aforementioned 20 Win Challenge involves players obtaining 20 wins, which will allow them access to the subsequent “round of the competition and eligibility to be drafted by a League team”, though getting said number of wins does not ultimately guarantee you a place in a team.This means that Legacy Players selection is to be conducted by each team as such players will not go through the tryouts and the 20-wins challenge.

Sounds exciting indeed! Any Clash Royale players out there interested in becoming a pro? This is the perfect opportunity to try and do so. Who knows, maybe you and your team might emerge as champs!

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