Check Out These Games With Unique Gameplay Mechanics That Blew Our Minds (Part 1)

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 23, 2018

If you ask any gamer upon the question of “what is your favourite video game of all-time?”, they may respond with a long, pregnant pause to answer that ultimate question.

As a gamer myself, I simply find it hard to choose just one video game that captivated me. Every player has their own criteria in choosing their favourite video game.

Some people adore God of War due to its moving narration about father and son while exploring the Norse mythology. Others enjoy hunting and hacking monsters in Monster Hunter. There are also those who love the competitive elements and the multifaceted heroes in Overwatch. Then there are those who like to put on Just Dance and bust out the best dance moves with their friends.

With a wide array of video games being produced every year, each of them will have their own unique potential to grab the player’s attention; whether it’s the story, the music, the graphics or the gameplay.

However, there are a few video games that have unique mechanics that have mesmerised us. Here, we present the first part of the three series for video games that revolutionised how we play video games over the years.

1. Doom (1993)

Meet the game that pioneered the first-person shooter genre: Doom. This game generated the widespread phenomenon in the video games industry that enabled to create some of the famous first-person shooters as we know it today like Half-Life series and Quake series.

What made the game stood out during its time is contributed by the amazing level designs that had various openings which players can roam and collect useful arsenals like shotgun and rocket launcher as well as armours to strategically fight the creatures back. Each map also included the secret areas where players needed to unlock it by looking for a secret switch or collecting coloured keys. However, not all secret areas are worth exploring as there are some that that have monsters trapped within. Players become addicted to killing the monsters in Doom because each monster is properly crafted with its own attributes such as the Shotgun-wielding zombie that deals immediate damage to you, or the Imp that spits powerful but slow fireball attack that you can easily avoid.  

The rebooted version for this classic first-person shooter is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch where shooting monsters and discovering secret rooms have never been more funkier with the iconic Doom’s theme music.

2. Grand Theft Auto (1997)

The Grand Theft Auto series has lasted for more than a decade despite the series receiving a lot of controversy due to its lewd portrayal of women and excessive depictions of violence. Even so the current instalment, Grand Theft Auto 5, holds the record of commercially successful entertainment product of all time, beating box office movies like Star Wars and The Avengers as well as any form of media.

The vast open-world concept with the third-person view in this series was what captured so many gamers’ attention and the open-world concept quickly set an ongoing trend in the video games industry. Grand Theft Auto 3 transformed the top-down camera view from the first Grand Theft Auto into a fully 3D open world landscape where players could freely explore Liberty City. With so many open spaces to explore, players were spoilt to engage in different incriminating activities to execute the missions.   

What’s not to like about this game? You can take any jobs you like and execute it whatever you want as long you stay on point of the objective. You can snatch various transportations from cars to helicopters (the game is called Grand Theft Auto for God’s sake), blow up buildings, shoot innocent civilians and other criminal-y stuff that you can think of. The world is your oyster and not even the cops can’t stop you.

3. Shenmue (1999)


The fan-favourite Shenmue series were revolutionary during its time with spacious open-world exploration, day-and-night system and most importantly, you can buy gacha in the game! Shenmue helped to popularise the quick-time events (QTE) sequences where players have to complete a series of prompts on screen and the failure to do so can affect the game’s flow.

The series follows a young martial artist, Ryo Hazuki, who is haunted by his father’s death. He embarks out on a revenge quest to hunt Lan Di and to uncover the mysterious artifact known as the Dragon Mirror. Shenmue 1 & 2 are coming back to our modern platforms along with the arrival of the long overdue Shenmue 3 which will be released later this year.

4. Burnout (2001)

I really wish I knew what was going on during the creative development of the Burnout series. Maybe one of the developers spoke up and said: “Hey, how about we make cars take down other cars in slow motion and reward players based on their reckless driving? Plus, when players crash their car, they can control the car in slow motion camera and collect more points by taking down another car!” Alas, this is only what I imagined they said.

It turned out to be the most innovative racing video game out there and I had fun obliterating my opponents’ cars, especially in Burnout 3: Takedown. In case you missed it, 2008’s Burnout Paradise has been revamped into Burnout Paradise Remastered and it’s out now for PS4 and Xbox One. So you can view your car crash in higher frame rate and bigger resolution. Sweet.

5. Max Payne (2001)

A beat cop Max Payne discovered that he was too late to save his wife and his newly born daughter who were killed by junkies high on a drug called Valkyr. But justice came in slower pace as he spent years as an undercover DEA agent inside the biggest mafia family to stop the illegal Valkyr trade once and for all.

Max Payne is a game way ahead of its time with a unique gameplay where the players engage in slowed attack time with the enemy known as “bullet time” that was popularised by the hit film, The Matrix. The game’s plot is encapsulated well in neo-noir graphic novel style with impressive voice-overs that captures the soul of gritty narration for Max Payne seeking for revenge in hard and cold New York City. The success of the first game spawned another two sequels entitled: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne and Max Payne 3.

We’ve barely scratched the surface as there are more video games to come in the list of unique gameplay mechanics that will definitely blow your mind away. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news and watch exciting videos on YouTube.

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