Check out Shadow Of War: The Mobile Game's Nemesis System, Out Now for IOS and Android

By Dale Bashir on Sep 28, 2017

The mobile version of Warner Bros' highly anticipated Lord of the Rings game, Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War is here for IOS and Android devices. Still not sure on getting it? Well, hopefully the video above convinces you otherwise. It may not be as rich and robust of a system as the mainline console game, but it is impressive that they could implement it on a much smaller system which you can take your battles with on-the-go. And the game is totally free.

Unlike the fully third person, open-ended console and PC counterpart, the mobile version is a top-down hack and slash adventure, similar to other mobile games like Marvel Future Fight. Players can collect heroes and villains from the Lord of the Ring franchise, including Gandalf, Gimli, and even orcs, to join your fight with returning protagonist, Talion rallying the fight. You can even take control of Sauron's Army's strongholds and conquer them in your fight against the dark forces.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War The Mobile Game is out now for smartphones everywhere with the main console and PC release coming out on the 10th of October 2017.

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