Cheat Codes That Defined An Era

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 16, 2017

Everyone who called themselves a gamer must have at one point of their gaming lives, cheat, and we say this without any notion of prejudice or judgment, but as an acknowledgment. Cheats aren't necessarily bad for the game if it is played in a casual or single player setting, which was what made the games of old such memorable games. Today, we are going to take you back to memory lane, whereby we discuss the cheat codes which defined the games of that era.


Power Overwhelming (Starcraft)

Starcraft players know it, and they live by its creed. Power Overwhelming is the famous Starcraft cheat code that made your units….Overwhelming. Couple this cheat with the code “ Show me The Money”, which gives you infinite funds, your poor AI enemy will be faced with hordes of Battlecruisers, Carriers or Ultralisks. Additionally, kudos to those of you who found the cheat through the dialogue of the Protoss Archon.

Greedisgood(Warcraft 3)

Before Wall Street made the term popular, Warcraft 3 was where the greed is actually good, as you get as much gold as your heart's desire, often allowing you to not only amass units but buy every unique item available on the map. Should you also input Thereisnospoon, you can make use of all your mercenary unit’s skills without a care in the world. The result, a giant firework’s worth of spells being lambasted on the battlefield.


Gangland(GTA San Andreas)

GTA San Andreas was every 90’s kid’s coming of age game. It has violence, vulgarities, and plenty of erotic references. But as every 90’s kid will tell you, you don’t play San Andreas without the cheat codes. Ranging from weapon unlocks to god mode abilities, players can often end up in pretty insane situations. One of the fun cheats from San Andreas would be the Gangland cheat code, which lets you recruit anyone, and we mean anyone as your gang member. This ends up creating chaotic situations most of the time. Oh, such fun...


How do you turn this on (Age of Empires 2)

The era of sword fighting and long drawn out battles are what brought players to Age of Empires 2, and if there is one thing you would not expect from this game, it would be a double barreled chain cannon shooting Shelby Cobra. Yep, if you played this game back in the day, and typed in Howdoyouturnthison, you would be able to get one of the most degenerate units in the game which boasts stats that can take down castles like melted butter. Talk about a technological advantage.

Klapaucius (Sims)

Sims can get pretty boring after you reach a certain point in the game especially if you play the game without cheats. For most of us who played the first iteration of the Sims franchise, we would probably remember how Klapaucius funded our most elaborate torture chambers for our Sims. From endless pools to doorless escape rooms, there can be no end to what we can do if we have the funds to do it.

Konami Code (Contra)

The granddaddy of cheat codes and perhaps one of the most prominent would be the Konami Code, which consists of sequencing your controller’s buttons to up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B. The cheat code was first used in Contra and then later Gradius, it gives the players a full set of items they would usually get later within the game. The cheat code was justified however because the game’s difficulty was touted to be one of the most torturous.


Honorary mention: Gameshark

Where there is technology, we have lazy gamers and for those who felt that remembering these cheat codes were such a drag, they can always fall back to the Gameshark, which was a collection of cheat cartridges which already has the cheat codes within them and loads it into the chosen game.

Well, that’s all the cheats we have to muster for today, and we hope that if any of you were hit by a wave of nostalgia after reading this, there is no shame in dusting off those old games and give it a spin yet again.

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