Charity Storefront Humble Bundle Procured by Gaming News Site IGN

By Dale Bashir on Oct 17, 2017

Whether you pay 100 dollars or a dollar for the latest Humble Bundle, it is always a value to buy and own a number of games with a price you have set for yourself. Humble Bundle has been working on this honor system, with consumers paying what they want, for 7 years now and has expanded themselves from a charity game bundle service to a digital storefront that sells games and eventually to publishing games on their own. Now, the company has taken another step in their development, by announcing their acquisition by IGN.

As announced on their blog post, co-founder and CEO Jeffrey Rosen says that IGN was the perfect partner to continue the vision that they have established for the Humble Bundle service. The blog post also states:"We will be working harder than ever to bring you the best gaming bundles, book bundles, and store sales, while nurturing the Humble Monthly and our new publishing initiative. We will keep our own office, culture, and amazing team with IGN helping us further our plans. We will raise even more money for charity."

"If it's not broken, don't fix it, the idea is just to feed them with the resources they need to keep doing what they're doing," said Mitch Galbraith, Executive VP of IGN. He also explained that IGN started the process of acquiring Humble Bundle almost a year ago. As of now, it does not seem to affect the status quo and the Humble Bundles will continue running as per usual and will be a subsidiary to IGN's overall news-focused agenda. Humble Bundle has raised USD 106 million for charity over their 7-year run and will continue to do so in the coming future.

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