Changes that I want to see in Season 4 of Overwatch Competitive

By Kurtis Chan on Feb 27, 2017


Season 4 of Overwatch Competitive rank is arriving in a couple of days and there will certainly be changes to it as Overwatch Competitive is still fairly new and the developers are receiving countless of feedbacks by players everyday as mentioned by Lylirra, Overwatch's Community Manager. "Throughout Season 3, we’ve been listening to the community and modifying our plans based on your feedback. We really appreciate hearing your opinions, and can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help us make Overwatch better," Lylirra stated in the Overwatch Forum. Every season people expect the Competitive play to be better than before, so do I. Here are some of my suggestions on what I expect/want to see changed in Season 4 of Competitive.

  • A more balanced Skill Rating (SR) influx and efflux during winning streak and losing streak respectively

As you should already know, you will start to gain more SR if you are on a 5 game winning streak and above. Some people were even lucky enough to gain more than 100 SR during a 10 game winning streak, but not me. During my 10 game winning streak in Season 3, I've only gotten 50 plus SR in that game while I was expecting more. I did went the opposite direction and got a 10 game losing streak and surprisingly my SR dropped by exactly 100. The difference is definitely vast as one win or loss will only minus an average of 25 SR if you're not on a streak, and I really hope that Blizzard will do balance it out.


  • A more balanced matchmaking

Ever faced someone or a group that has a much higher SR or rank in a competitive game? Well, I have, many times in fact. I used to spend most of my nights playing the game with my friends until the break of dawn and things are nasty during the graveyard shift. One particular game in mind took place on Nepal, and the enemy team's average SR was at least 500 above my team's. They began steam rolling us and the game ended as how you would imagine now, 3-0. This does not only happen to me but the pro players will face the same problem as well. A good example is the recent incident involving a group known as the "Brazillian Six Stack" have been queuing up at absurdly late hours to catch the low traffic periods of the game. Since their rank is so high, they are matched with whatever the matchmaking system can find at that hour, mainly players at their skill level (Refer to image above). If Blizzard does not allow us to queue up with friends who are not within 1000 SR or 500 SR if Master and above, then what the hell do you put players with significantly lower or higher SR in the same game? Doesn't even make sense to me.


  • Include more stats for placement/SR calculations

Especially for placements. If you play a support like Mercy where most of the time you're either healing or boosting an ally's damage and a kill was secured, the game will acknowledge it as a defensive or offensive assist. But did you know that this stats was not calculated in your placements? I've played Mercy for all of my 10 placement matches and the SR I got was approximately 250 less than my friend that I grouped up with, and he literally plays Hanzo only. This is unfair to support mains who does as much as other roles to help the team as the system seems to only take damage dealt and eliminations into account.


  • Hard reset MMR

I know this will not be done by Blizzard so let me rant for a bit. There a several problems with hidden MMR in Overwatch and the ranking system. Firstly, this part of the reason why smurf accounts exist. People who are new to the game will definitely have a lower MMR due to their performance in game as they have not fully understand it yet. As time passed, the skill level of a player will increase but the MMR or their account is not as high as it should be. Hence, players tend to buy a smurf account to obtain the ideal MMR which makes gameplay much easier as everyone in the team has the same skill level. 

The second problem is players who have high MMR but low SR. When a player who has more than 3000 SR (Diamond to Grandmaster) has not been playing for a week, their SR will start decreasing by 50 every 24 hours after that. Imagine playing against a Grandmaster-level player in a Diamond match, isn't it ridiculous?


  • Able to select a specific class before queuing up for a Competitive game

Take League of Legends for example, before queuing up for a ranked game, the player must choose the primary and secondary role that they want to play in the game. Once a game is found, it is stated at the champion select screen which role that player will play in the game. I know that implementing this into Overwatch will be hard since players are able to switch heroes whenever they want to but it is still better than queuing up in a team that has 5 DPS mains right?


This concludes the list of changes I want to see in Season 4 of Overwatch Competitive. I wanted to add in more items we can buy with our Competitive Points but Jeff Kaplan already stated that there will not be new items for Season 4. Hopefully the new season will give players a much better experience than the previous ones. Season 4 will commence in a couple of days, stay tuned to Gamehubs as we will release information on Season 4 once it's available.

Kurtis Chan
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