Celcom launches The Biggest Mobile Game Tournament in Malaysia- Game Hero

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 7, 2017

Image taken from Lowyat.net
Image taken from Lowyat.net

Malaysia's local telecommunication company, Celcom has officially launched the biggest mobile game tournament in Malaysia to date called “Game Hero”. It’s essentially a subscription-based game portal that hosts games and tournaments from time to time and the telco is ready to give out up to RM1 million worth of prizes for its very first tournament.

Celcom’s Game Hero will primarily focus on one specific game for now, called “Sky Invasion 3D”. "Sky Invasion 3D" is Celcom's latest Shoot'em Up mobile game with truly epic boss fights and beautifully crafted 3d environments. Play the game as a Celcom Game Hero subscriber and rise to the top of the leaderboard to win cash prizes.

The tournament will commence from 7th of March, 2017 until the 6th of April, 2017. To take part in the tournament, players just simply need to download the "Sky Invasion 3D" game on Android or iOS and try to gain a high score to reach the top of the leaderboards for a chance to win a share of RM1 million worth of prizes. The final condition to win the prizes if you're at the top of the leaderboards is that you must be a Celcom subscriber.

Here is the list of cash prizes to be awarded to respective rankings in the game's leaderboard:

How Do I Participate?

To stand a chance to win a share of the RM1 million cash prizes, participants must first become a Celcom customer and then register themselves as a Celcom Game Hero subscriber. New Celcom customers can register themselves as a Celcom Game Hero Subscriber for free until April 6th 2017, while existing Celcom users will have to pay a subscription fee of RM3 per week.

Players will need to enable their Celcom mobile data to login to Game Hero. After that, just download Sky Invasion 3D from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for free, and fight through the leaderboards.

Visit Celcom Game Hero official webpage to find out more about this tournament.


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