Catching Up With Dota 2 Grand Theft Aegis Maestro,"Ah Fu"

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 17, 2017

The thief in the night is back in Malaysia. His head is held high as he is the Malaysian sensation who recently won 3rd place at The Internationals 7. We’re honored to have him on board for this exclusive interview. Gamehubs presents to you - The Grand Theft Aegis, Ah Fu!

Gamehubs: How did it feel like getting 3rd in The Internationals?

Ah Fu: I am satisfied with the results though I am rather sad about not being able to make it into the championship.


Gamehubs: Looking back at your game with Liquid, what happened in Game 2, after such a strong start in Game 1?

Ah Fu: We didn’t expect the Mid Venom which made us lose out on the laning phase. Also, our Offlane couldn’t pressure their safe lane Alchemist. This made the game very hard on us.


Gamehubs: In Game 3 you guys fought pretty hard as well, was there any fatal mistakes you think changed the flow of the game against your favor?

Ah Fu: I can’t say I remember much of the game and I didn’t manage to catch the replay. But I believe we tried our best in that game.


Gamehubs: During your game against VP, the Aegis Steal was probably the highlight of the match, what was the thought process when you decided to go for it?

Ah Fu: At the time, we had the advantage, but the other team already had a 6-slotted Viper, thus if we gave the other team the Aegis, Viper would have used it to come back into the game. In that moment, we had decided to have DDC’s Ancient Apparition to Ice Blast into the Roshan’s Pit, enabling us to catch glimpse of Roshan’s HP. Luckily it was a success.


Gamehubs: So now that you are back in Malaysia, are you staying or will you be heading back to China?

Ah Fu: I will continue to be a part of the LGD.Forever Young


Gamehubs: Are there any future tournaments that you will be joining?

Ah Fu: I am not sure haha, I am on holiday for now.


Gamehubs: What is your MMR now?

Ah Fu: 7.5K MMR


Gamehubs: Any future plans for your holiday?

Ah Fu: I will be preparing for the Majors and Minors.


Gamehubs: How’s it like in China?

Ah Fu: The food here is a lot spicier than in Malaysia. They’ve added a lot of peppers and I can’t handle it.


Gamehubs: How’s the weather over there?

Ah Fu: Shanghai is hot for now, the highest it gets is about 40 degrees.


Gamehubs: Now that you’re on holiday, any plans to chase that 10k MMR dream?

Ah Fu: I will try my best to get 8k?

Gamehubs: Do you usually do any solo streams when you are climbing MMR?

Ah Fu: Never, I don’t look good on camera, I have no confidence at all. Haha, I’m just kidding. I’ll do streaming when I get the chance.


Gamehubs: If you do stream, any player would like to play with?

Ah Fu: Notail, if I improve my English. I like playing with Chuan in pubs, he is very fun to play with.


Gamehubs: Will you be playing any pub games while you are in Malaysia?

Ah Fu: Depends if I can, but usually I don’t play when I’m on holiday.


Gamehubs: Any chance you will be doing a meet and greet with your fans?

Ah Fu: I don’t know if I have any fans in Malaysia.


Gamehubs: What are you talking about? After the “Grand Theft Aegis” incident, you’ll have plenty.

Ah Fu: Haha, to be fair. Mind Control did steal our Aegis as well. It was so frustrating.


Gamehubs: So what are you going to do with the prize money from TI?

Ah Fu: Buy a pair of good shoes maybe? I promised myself, if I get into the Top 5, I will buy a pair of really good shoes, either a pair of NMD or Yeezy’s.


Gamehubs: Tell us more about your teammates? What do you think about them?

Ah Fu: Well, Super is a very stable Mid, he is willing to take command in the middle and late game. Overall, a very experienced player. Monet is also a very stable Carry, but the difference is that he is so young but will mature as a player someday. Inflame is always brimming with confidence. DDC is not a very talkative, but he makes very good points when talks.  

Gamehubs: What have you learned so far in the Chinese DotA 2 scene?

Ah Fu: I would say their “mindset” of the game in totality. They are very stable, they don’t go for risky/greedy plays.


Gamehubs: Any last words you would like to tell your fans?

Ah Fu: Thanks for supporting me and wish me luck if I get to go to the next TI

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