Cat Quest Players Will Have Their Paws Full with an Upcoming Update

By Dale Bashir on Sep 28, 2017

An upcoming update to The Gentlebros' open-world, mobile RPG Cat Quest, is coming soon to owners of the game. We covered this game before on our Top 10 TGS Hidden Gems list.The new content come in the form of "Meow-difiers", basically modifiers for the base game that adds a lot of variety and spice up the already fun, Legend of Zelda inspired gameplay and adds tons of replayability.

The added game modifiers include Furry Armored, which is your standard New Game Plus or "Mew Game Plus" where it carries over your level and equipment from a finished game to a new game file, Level One which caps your character at level 1 and common in action RPGs like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XV. The last one is Naked Cat which keeps your cat bare and unable to equip itself with weapons and armor. It seems that most of these modifiers can be turned on and off, even be on at the same time.

The developers, The Gentlebros, estimate that the update is at 60% and will be released once it is ready. Cat Quest is available now on IOS, Android and Steam. It will arrive on PS4 and Nintendo Switch sometime this year.

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