Capcom Plans to Release Two “Major” Titles Coming Next March

By Intan Mawarni on May 10, 2018

Major Japanese developer and publisher Capcom recently published a report regarding the company’s latest financial results and the results bring plenty of great news to share to the public.

The end of the fiscal year presented the best outlook for the company with an increased net sales of up to 8.4% and operating income surged to 17.5% over the year. Additionally, the company’s flagship title Monster Hunter: World is now the company’s best selling game of all time with 8 million copies shipped worldwide.

Aside from the record-setting news, Capcom is eyeing for the release of two “major” titles that will be launched within this year.

In an overview of company’s business strategies and projections, Capcom unveiled that the proposed two unnamed titles are part of the plan to “promote global expansion of major brands.”

Before we start playing guessing games on what these two mysterious titles are, most players know that Capcom owns some of the most well-known franchises such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry to name a few. The company acknowledges the worth of each franchise that contributed strongly to the sales based on the games lineup below.

In the company’s previous fiscal year, Capcom released two major titles which were Monster Hunter: World and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite but the company seems to be focusing more on the former to boost this year’s sales.

Capcom predicts in the report that the combined sales for two mysterious titles this year to be slightly lower than the last year which means these upcoming games won’t be huge as Monster Hunter: World as shown below.

Since Monster Hunter: World’s release last January, the hack n’ slash hunting monster game is not showing any sign of slowing down yet, with monstrous updates and exciting crossovers. Not to mention that the game will be coming to PC for the first time and scheduled for an autumn 2018 release.

The next game from Capcom would be Mega Man 11 which is slated to release this year along with the Mega Man X Legacy Collection coming this July 24.

So far, Capcom is still keeping details of the two unnamed titles under wraps, but which two games would you like the most to be revealed by Capcom? Share with us your comments on our Facebook or tweet to us on Twitter.

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