Capcom: More Game Remakes Are Possible

By Michelle J. Brohier on Aug 3, 2018

Capcom's recent Q&A session revealed that with many fans eagerly awaiting the remake of Resident Evil 2 (RE2) and with their sales prediction, the well-known gaming company will consider developing more remakes and re-releases of their previous games.

According to the Q&A session, the company will "explore [the possibility of re-releases and remakes] further with a variety of properties as part of our stratefy to utilise our library of IP".

Capcom has noted that they have seen more signs of customers purchasing previous titles in their well-known game series, including Devil May Cry. Thanks to this, they plan to "execute a number of marketing strategies to stimulate sales of these titles in order to further build out the fan base of each series in the future".

With this reveal, some Resident Evil fans have speculated that Resident Evil 3 could be the next remake, as long as RE2 is a success. That, and the possible success of Devil May Cry 5, may push the company towards more remakes.

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