Can’t Wait For Death Stranding? Try Deadly Standing Instead!

By Dale Bashir on Jun 29, 2018

“You can finally try playing the great genius Kojumbo. Everyone knows Kojumbo genius. Therefore, the game is brilliant.” The description on the Play Store for Deadly Standing starts off with these lines. It’s a parody and it knows it. That’s why it's brilliant.

Hideo Kojima has always been gaming’s number 1 auteur, crafting masterpieces in the highly successful Metal Gear series, and even lesser known hits like Zone of the Enders and Policenauts. After his falling out with Konami, Kojima has struck out on his own with his new company. Fans are now eagerly waiting for his upcoming game, Death Stranding, and who knows how long they’ll be waiting.

With each new trailer making fans more and more confused on what the game actually is, there are some out there happy to make a game to tide them over. Enter Sky Patrol, known for hits like Ugandan Knuckles - Gang Fights and Thieves - Sea of Pirates. None of these games are meant to be serious, but many think that Sky Patrol has hit the jackpot with Deadly Standing - A Survival Game.


Out now on Google Play Store, Android users can try out this new modern masterpiece by Kojumbo. It’s a first person shooter, set in an empty dreary landscape haunted by tall, shadowy monsters, you must shoot and find your way to survive… or something.

Yeah the game isn’t much but that’s the point. As much as we know nothing much about Death Stranding, Deadly Standing is also nothing much. Sure you can drive around in a truck, try your best to kill off the Slender Man looking creatures and survive. It’s definitely what we hope Death Stranding isn’t.

So if you’re a Hideo Kojima fan and an Android user, try this game out for a good chuckle. It’ll definitely keep you entertained for a while. At least, until the next time we see Norman Reedus naked in a field, holding a fetus in his hands.

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