Can’t Run PUBG On Your Phone? Try PUBG Lite Instead!

By Dale Bashir on Aug 15, 2018

Say what you want about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It may be unoptimized or full of hackers, but at the very least the developers at Bluehole and Tencent are trying their hardest for everyone to be able to play their game and have fun with it. They have gone to some unconventional lengths for the betterment of their game, and this latest instance is for the better.

Unlike iPhones, not all Android phones were made equal. Some have more RAM, some don’t. Some are just made cheap so that more consumers can afford it, at the cost of some bigger features being cut off. This is why more people in the world use Androids than they do IOS. That said, PUBG is a popular game, and there are a whole bunch of smartphones that can’t handle this battle royale giant.

Enter PUBG Lite, a new Android exclusive version of the game made specifically with Android phones with less power to run. Normally, a “Lite” version of the game refers to a playable demo to a full game that you have to pay to get access to. Instead, since PUBG Mobile is free anyway, this is perfect for people who have maybe less than 3 GB of RAM and would want to try the game out.

Instead of 100 people in a match, PUBG Lite only has 40 people playing at a time. It also has a smaller map to balance all these out. So if you’re using an older smartphone, or maybe a low-end one, check this version of PUBG out. It’s free to download and you can check it out here.

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