BREAKING NEWS: Toddlers. In Sims 4. And it's FREE!!!

By Riez on Jan 13, 2017

Ever since its birth, The Sims 4 was always heavily criticized for leaving out one particular life stage compared to their predecessor, The Toddlers. It has been two years since and the fans still never stop hoping and begging and spamming every single posts done by the developers on any of the official channels.

Well beg no more ugaiz, toddlers has just been added to your game for free.

Yes, you heard me right. FREEEEEEE!

You just need to update your game in order to get them tiny tykes. They come with tonnes of interactions and objects dedicated to them and their life stage.

Brace yourself though, it is a pretty huge update and most likely a majority of your mods will be broken. But who cares: WE GOT TODDLERS NOW!

You can read the entire patch notes HERE.

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