Brave Frontier collaborates with Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 in special event, offering gems, free units, and MORE

By Kin Boon on May 25, 2017

Being one of the hottest mobile JRPGs around, Brave Frontier is known for its extensive choices of units, cool-looking anime art styles, and expansive lore. On top of that, the game has collaborated with several popular franchises, namely The King of Fighters, Tales of Link, and Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, and the latest addition to the list is Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.

The collaboration, which is currently ongoing for a limited time from May 18 to June 14, is in partnership between publisher gumi Inc. and Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works. Details of the event are as follows:

Special Collaboration Summon

Summoning is the core of Brave Frontier, as it nets you powerful units to aid your quest in saving the world, and you can get these exclusive Guilty Gear characters (7*, can be evolved to Omni) from limited timed Summoning Gates. Just pray hard you won’t be getting any duplicates or obsolete units.

Millia, a beautiful ex-assassin who eliminates targets with her magic-infused lovely blonde hair

Dizzy, a half-gear half-human two-winged savior (or destroyer) of mankind

Jack-O’, a candy-loving beauty who excels at melee attacks and summons phantasmagoric minions to do her bidding

Ramlethal, an enigmatic swordswoman from another world with piercing eyes

Collaboration Dungeons: “Neo New York”, “Royal Court” and “Neo New York Again” (May 18 - June 14)

Even if you don’t have the gems or summon tickets to spare, you can get a hold of these free Guilty Gear units (Omni) via the Neo New York and Royal Court dungeons.

Sol - the mysterious bounty hunter with monstrous power and unnatural longevity

Ky - an extremely talented swordsman and magic practitioner

They will be open for the entirety of the event so good luck in farming those Animas, though their drop rate is a bit low and it can be frustrating at times. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me as I’m having a tough time in getting an Anima Ky.

Players can also acquire Sol’s Summoner Avatar weapon, Junkyard Dog by clearing the Neo New York Again dungeon.

Collaboration Dungeon: “The Magnum Wedding” (June 1 - June 14)

While it’s good to have powerful units in your squads, but it won’t matter if you don’t have the right spheres to boost their stats. You can farm all the exclusive materials that you need from this dungeon to craft special collaboration spheres.

Login and Milestone Campaigns

Make sure you login daily during the collaboration period, which will net you up to 10 gems and a summon ticket among other rewards. Clearing the milestone target for The Magnum Wedding will also reward players with a free Elphelt unit (Omni) and other goodies, including imps, legend stone and a summon ticket.

Good luck in getting all the exclusive units and rewards from this event, and you can expect more to come in the future, as gumi has recently conducted a poll on which franchise players would want Brave Frontier to collaborate with next. You can download the game on iOS, Android, Amazon, and Windows Phone devices.

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