Brand New Hearthstone Expansion Announced, Journey to Un'Goro

By Ivan Cheong on Feb 28, 2017

After a recent leak by a voice actor earlier this month, it was speculated that the next Hearthstone expansion will be titled as The Lost Secrets of Un'Goro. Blizzard today has confirmed that leak was indeed legit only with slight alterations to the title. Journey to Un'Goro will be the next expansion and it will arrive sometime around April this year. The release of this expansion will also mark the end of the Standard Year of the Kraken and kick off the new Year of the Mammoth.


Up to 135 new cards will be coming our way and this expansion brings brand new mechanics and changes to familiar cards that will definitely shake things up. 


Quest Cards

The most interesting of the new mechanics coming with Journey to Un'Goro is the introduction of quest cards. Include one of these new legendary quest cards in your deck and it will always be in your opening hand. Playing the quest card will require you to finish a task which upon completion will reward you with a very powerful card. When you have a quest active, it will rest on your character portrait behaving much like a secret but your opponent will be able to see your active quests as well. Blizzard revealed one these powerful quest cards and as you can see, the rewards are certainly well worth the effort.




Keyword: Adapt

It has been 2 years since Blizzard introduced the Discover keyword together with the League of Explorers adventure set. Drawing from that, the new keyword Adapt looks to bring more clutch plays into the game. Adapt functions just like the Discover mechanic only that you don't discover random cards, but you get to choose 3 upgrades from a total pool of 10 to bestow upon your minion card. So far, Blizzard only revealed 6 of the choices out of the 10. This allows the players to - like it's namesake- adapt to the situation at hand. We expect to see more clutch (cough RNG! cough) plays in the future.


Minion Type: Elemental

Elementals are now considered a minion type and Journey to Un'Goro are sure to bring more cards that will interact with this new minion tribe. Be prepare to see some older and familiar cards being under this new Elemental tribe such as the Shaman's Earth Elemental and Fire Elemental. Will we see a revival of use of these cards come the expansion release? We will just have to wait until April.



In the meantime, players can pre-purchase the 50 pack bundle for the expansion for $49.99 which will also reward you with a exclusive Un'Goro card back.


Image sources: Blizzard Entertainment



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