Bluehole is open to having cross-play between Xbox One and PC in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, if they can level the playing field

By Kin Boon on Jun 29, 2017


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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is having a meteoric rise in terms of popularity, and it’s still in Early Access on Steam. You can definitely count on it to be bigger when it’s out on Xbox One later this year, and developer Bluehole is planning to support both platforms by introducing cross-play.

According to executive producer Kim Chang Han, this has been their plan all along, provided they can level the playing field for both Xbox One and PC players. "Cross network play between the PC and the console is definitely something we want to do down the road, and we don’t anticipate we’ll have any technical issues with that," said Kim. "But… when you consider the competitive side of the game, I do feel that there’s a balance issue between controllers and keyboard and mouse. That’s what’s making it difficult for us to do right away. If we’re going to allow players to use controllers we need to have the aim assist added in and things like that. We’re not going to be supporting it right away, but it’s something we’d like to look into later."

It sounds fun to merge the player base for both platforms, but it’ll undoubtedly create issues along the way, especially if it’s open for competitive mode as well. But looking at how Gears of War 4 handle their cross-play function by excluding competitive matches, it’s very likely PUBG will follow the same step to ensure a smoother experience for both sides.

Source: PC Gamer

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