Blizzcon Prelude and Predictions

By Ivan Cheong on Nov 4, 2016

BlizzCon 2016 is happening in a couple of hours and here is just a quick list on what to expect from this year's 10th BlizzCon. Last year's BlizzCon was way more hyped up thanks to World of Warcraft. WoW fans were hungry for more info on Legion and it was coinciding with the new Warcraft movie as well.

As for this year, we think it's Overwatch's and Diablo's time to shine. There could be more up their sleeves, after all it is Blizzard we're talking here. So here is the quick rundown of what we can expect from BlizzCon X 2016!

WoW: Legion Updates

Since legion only just released not too long ago and the Karazhan patch only implemented a week ago, we do not expect to see anything major from the realm of Azeroth. We most probably will see patch 7.2 information and more details on the direction that Legion is moving towards in the next coming months. Expect the team to talk about loose terms and promises so don't hold them to it. Just sit back and enjoy the revisited Karazhan patch!


Hearthstone: Greetings from Gadgetzan

Blizzard has been teasing a new expansion these past couple of weeks and looks like we're getting a goblin themed expansion. Let's just hope the expansion doesn't bring anymore explosive and overpowered cards in the meta eh? cough-Dr.Boom-cough!

Overwatch: Sombra!

SOMBRAAAA! A recent leak showcased the new hero Sombra will be hacking her way into Overwatch soon. So for this we are 90% confident that Blizzard will finally reveal the long awaited hero. Besides that we expect to see more new maps, an status update on competitive mode, news skins and new game modes. If we're lucky we might get more on the lore of Overwatch. Comics, character videos, books, anything really would be great addition to the highly popular team-based FPS. 


Diablo 3: New expansion/game?

Diablo has been picking up a lot of rumors and talk over the past year. Blizzard has been seen try to hire new people to work on an unannounced Diablo project. Thanks to another recent leak, it seems that the Necromancer class will be making a return. Is it an expansion or another Diablo 4 perhaps? We'll find out soon enough!

Starcraft: meh

There hasn't been much talk about StarCraft since the Legacy of the Void released, and it has been in the back burner ever since. Besides the new mission packs, StarCraft seems to be like a headless chicken at the moment. With MOBA games dominating the competitive scene, we can't expect much. We will probably see most likely balance changes or new mission packs.


Heroes of the Storm: More developer updates

Again we don't expect to see much coming from Heroes of the Storm. Having just announced a new Heroes Brawl game mode and a new Warcraft hero, best we can expect is probably more developer updates focusing on how to make HoTS more popular in the competitive scene. 

For those who purchased the Virtual Ticket. Livestream starts at 2 a.m Nov 5 MYT. Be sure to tune in and let the major reveals roll out!

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