Blizzard’s Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch tease might just be a hoax, but it’s still up for consideration

By Kin Boon on Apr 3, 2017

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Blizzard is employing an open-minded attitude in terms of porting popular hero shooter Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch, and fans were convinced they’ll be adding Hearthstone to the list as well. This came after a “tease” posted on Hearthstone’s Twitter page, but it turned out to be a reference to Nintendo’s tweet showing Mario peering from behind a curtain. Even though the idea seemed scrapped for now, Blizzard might be considering it in the future.

According to the Daily Express, Hearthstone principal game designer Mike Donais said it’ll be worthwhile to discuss a Nintendo Switch port for the strategy card game. “I personally haven't talked about it but I'm more focused on card design. Hearthstone is available on iPads and phones, so it's a good discussion worth having.”

It sounds like Hearthstone will be a perfect fit for the Switch since the hybrid console works as a touchscreen device in portable mode, but Blizzard will have to accommodate the console’s multiple control layouts as well. At least it’ll be easier for them to execute the idea, considering Hearthstone was developed using the Unity engine, which Nintendo has made compatible with the Switch.

Most importantly, Switch owners will have another valid reason to bring their console around for portable card battles, not to mention the major third-party support boost for Nintendo.

Source: Nintendo Insider

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