Blizzard reveals Xbox One and PS4 Overwatch-themed controllers, but you can’t own them even if you are rich

By Kin Boon on Jun 7, 2017

Image credit: GameSpot
Image credit: GameSpot

The Overwatch Anniversary event is well underway in the game, but Blizzard is not planning to stop the festivities there, as they revealed 48 custom-made controllers for PS4 and Xbox One. The project was done in partnership with ARTtitude, with the Overwatch-themed controllers representing all 24 heroes in the critically-acclaimed hero shooter.

European street artists were responsible for designing the controllers, and each of them embodies the specific character that they represent. Personally, I like how they managed to fit in Winston’s face to the controller in a perfect manner. There is also a high sense of exclusivity with the devices, as they are individually numbered and won’t be available for sale. The only way you can get them is by joining contests and giveaways organized by Blizzard later this year, and that’s only if you are living in Europe.

As for those who are not lucky enough to be residing in that region, all we can do is to marvel at the designs for the controllers. Or we can always wait for one or two of them to pop out on eBay, which will most probably be ludicrously priced.

Source: GameSpot

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