Blizzard announces new Virtual Tickets to Blizzcon 2017

By Dale Bashir on Sep 14, 2017

Blizzard's most ardent fans can now enjoy all the magic of Blizzcon from the comfort of their homes with the all-new Virtual Ticket, available for purchase now on the for 39.99 USD. Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment had this to say: “BlizzCon is a celebration for our entire community, including those joining us from their homes around the world. With that in mind, we’ve updated this year’s Virtual Ticket experience to cover even more of the show—including expanding our live coverage to all the stages, we’re excited to bring people closer to BlizzCon than ever before, and we can’t wait for everyone at home and attending in person to join us.”

The Virtual Ticket brings a lot of goodies to fans, which includes the Stormwind Skychaser mount for the Alliance and Orgrimmar Interceptor mount for the Horde, two airships that allows players of World of Warcraft to ride the skies of Azeroth, there's even an extra for your friends. More goodies for Blizzard's other games such as Overwatch, Diablo III, and Starcraft will be announced soon. The Virtual Ticket is the best way to enjoy Blizzcon from the comfort of your home, with high-definition streams, on-demand replay, front row seats to all the announcements, contests and the overall celebration of all things Blizzard. A final bonus for Virtual Ticket holders is a discount on this year's goodie bag.

If you're a massive Blizzard fan, get your Virtual Ticket now on their website. Blizzcon 2017 will be held from the 3rd until the 4th of November 2017.

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