BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Looks To Be The Crossover Fighting Game We Deserve

By Dale Bashir on Oct 16, 2017

If Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was a little lackluster to you, wait until you get a load of Arc System Works' new spin-off from their mainline BlazBlue fighting games. This time, however, they're mixing things up with characters from the wonderful Persone 4 Arena, the cult hit Under Night In-Birth and surprisingly, Rooster Teeth's seminal web-series RWBY. They are all coming together for a 2v2 showdown on PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The game was officially announced during this year's EVO championship, showcasing the four heroes representing their respective series, with Ragna from BlazBlue, Yu from Persona 4, Hyde from Under Night In-Birth and Ruby from RWBY. The recently released trailer at the top of the page showcases even more characters joining the fray, like Weiss Schnee, one of Ruby's partners in RWBY.

All the high intensity, anime tag team fighting is coming to you sometime in 2018. Hopefully, with this game coming to the Nintendo Switch means that Arc System Works might just bring Dragonball FighterZ to the system as well.

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