Bigo Brings Out The Streamer In You With Cube TV

By Dale Bashir on Jul 9, 2018

Dream of being a star in your own right? Ever thought of streaming games to the world? Well, Bigo has got you covered. Launched on June 12th, Bigo’s new streaming platform, Cube TV, is out on the Play Store and App Store for aspiring streamers to get started on being the next big video game influencer.
Cube TV was developed by Bigo, a fast-growing online broadcasting company from Singapore. Their first successful app, Bigo TV, allowed for users to livestream their day-to-day activities, live blogging their lives for the world to see. Bigo TV has since amassed over 200 million users, and is a hit among influencers in South East Asia, especially fashion vloggers in Thailand.

Cube TV aims to be the gaming answer to Bigo TV and so much more. While, Bigo TV does allow for some limited game streaming from your phones, Cube TV is available for PCs as well as IOS and Android devices. This means you can stream any game from any device. Streaming games from your phone is also more streamlined, allowing for interactivity between your audience and you as you play games.

The biggest pull to use Cube TV as a streaming platform is the incentives involved for those watching and for those streaming. Successful streamers can earn money by streaming on the platform, and audience members can try their luck in winning prizes from watching these streams, with the prizes usually being Steam and Amazon gift cards.  Bigo has also noted that they have signed a number of professional eSports players to their platform, and are looking to find more talents coming out of Malaysia and the rest of SEA. Getting a recruitment offer from Bigo allows for professional eSports players to have future collaborations directly with the company, as well as training to be better streamers as well.

Overall, Cube TV is quickly becoming the go-to platform for South East Asians. A quick look on the website and you’ll see many streamers from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. If you think Twitch is not working out, maybe this alternative will help you find your audience. Check out their website, or download the app directly to your IOS or Android device.

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