Best Mobile Games To Help You Endure Your Daily Commute

By Intan Mawarni on Jun 4, 2018

The technology of mobile gaming have undergone through some tremendous transformations from playing black and white Snake in the good ol’ brick 1997’s Nokia 3310 to playing the most graphically demanding racing car game Asphalt 8 in various smartphones of your choice. In the span of 20 years, mobile gaming is now more popular than other gaming handheld devices.

According to AppLift, Malaysia has the second largest number of smartphone users in Southeast Asia, with 80% of Malaysians owning smartphones. Furthermore, the mobile gaming market has increased exponentially in terms of revenue from USD$97 million in 2014 to USD$247 million in 2017.

Other than checking on social media and reading articles, mobile phones are used by many people to kill time during their daily commute. When you see all those eyes locked on the phone’s screen, you might see some of the passengers swapping candies or connecting the dots because who needs social interaction in the morning?

With so many mobile games in the App Store or Google Play Store to try, here are 10 mobile games you can enjoy while head towards your destination.

1. Word Link (Android, iOS)

You have to look for the correct words based on a jumbled series of alphabets without any time limit in this offline game. Moreover, there is variety of mini word games in store for you. If you’re a word aficionado, then Word Link is the best game to pass the time.

2. Politko: The Game of Malaysian Politics (Android, iOS)

The tongue-in-cheek Malaysian political card game Politiko has been converted into a mobile game! Choose between two coalitions which mimics the current political parties in Malaysia. Prepare to lay down all your card tricks to fight against the cunning computer rival. There’s no need for an internet connection!

3. RGB Express (Android, iOS - RM7.90)

Dreaming to run your own express delivery company? Well, look no further. You’re in charge of RGB Express where you have to take control of red, green and blue trucks. You have to pick up boxes that correspond to the colours of trucks along the way to deliver the packages to correct coloured houses. With over 400 levels of puzzles to drive through, try not to get lost along the roads.

4. Super Mario Run (Android, iOS)

Our favourite Italian plumber has leaped into a different handheld platform: mobile gaming. The best thing is that you only need one hand to play the game. Simply tap on Mario to leap over obstacles or jump higher in the air to get coins and accomplish your goals. The free version will let you play between four modes: saving Princess Peach from Bowser in World Tour; competing against your friends with a crowd of Toads cheering you on in Toad Rally; playing through 10 short courses while keep a lookout for Daisy in Remix 10; and amassing your coins to build your desired kingdom in Kingdom Builder.

5. Temple Run (Android, iOS)

If you’re a fan of Super Mario Run, be prepared for another classic one-hand adventure where you jump gaps, steer obstacles, slide under objects in a mysterious thick jungle before you get run over by scary creatures. The mobile game was such a major hit that it spawned another title: Temple Run 2 available for Android and iOS.

6. Panda Pop (Android, iOS)

Crushing candy is not enough for you? Maybe popping cute baby pandas out of bubbles might be more suitable. Shoot or bounce balls with matching colours of bubbles to save all the baby panda trapped by the irresponsible baboon. This begs the question: since when do baboons hate pandas so much?

7. Love Balls (Android, iOS)

This game features a touching love story between a pair of balls: a red ball falling in love with a blue ball and they can’t seem to stay apart from each other. That’s when you draw the line. Literally. Draw a line on the canvas and bring them love balls together. Still a better love story than Twilight.

8. Toon Blast (Android, iOS)

Based on the cartoony styles we know and love from the past, blast cubes with rockets and disco balls to get through the next level. You’ll also get to meet Bruno Bear and his friends, Cooper Cat and Wally Wolf as you navigate the world full of explosive puzzles.

9. Pou (Android, iOS)

Our alien pet, Pou, is full of wonders. It has a house, a garden, a wardrobe, and a game room with an unlimited access of mini games like jumping Pou, connecting Pou, matching coloured Pou and more. You can play all the fun in offline mode. Oh, I’m sorry I forgot that you can also take care of Pou too but I got distracted by the cool mini games.

10. Solitaire (Android, iOS)

Who can’t resist playing this oldie but goldie Windows game? The Microsoft Solitaire Collection brings out the best five Solitaire games such as Freecell Solitaire and Spider Solitaire that you can savour while commuting.

We’ll keep updating this list with more mobile games to play in your daily commute. Do you have your personal favourite mobile game to play on-the-go? Share it with us through Facebook or Twitter

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