Befriend Mythical Indonesian Ghosts In Ghost Parade

By Michelle J. Brohier on Jul 11, 2018

Aksys Games, known for localising and publishing games such as 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors and Zero Escape, has announced that they will be publishing a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure called Ghost Parade. The game is being developed by an Indonesian studio called Lentera, and is set to come out on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

According to the game’s official website: “Ghost Parade is an adventure game with a unique gameplay and updatable stories. Surrounded by a beautiful, magical, and mythical atmosphere, it tells the story of a girl named Suri, who got lost in a forest and is trying to get back home. Along the way, she brefriends many mythical ghosts inside the forest to guide her. In return, the ghosts need Suri to help them take back the forest from the humans destroying it.”

You can watch the trailer below:


If you'd like to get to know the characters more before the game is released, you can check out the webcomic that features mainly the ghosts in some comical antics! In the meantime, be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter to get updates on when the game will officially be out!

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