Be A Beta Tester For PUBG Mobile’s Latest Features

By Dale Bashir on Jul 11, 2018

It’s no secret that PlayerUnknown’s Battegrounds is a great game, albeit with a few problems here and there. Whether it’s the PC, Xbox, or mobile versions, problems like new maps being unoptimised, unbalanced weapons, and glitches galore will arise in varying degrees. If you’re a passionate fan of PUBG on Android and always hoped to iron out these kinks yourself, well this new Beta version of PUBG Mobile allows you to do just that.

It will be done similar to how Overwatch handles all new characters or stages by releasing them within the Public Test Region (PTR), where players of the game login and try out the new features, allowing for no advancements in their progression in the base game while also letting Blizzard monitor and iron our anything wrong with their new feature.

Beta PUBG Mobile works the same way, letting players try out the new Version 0.7.0 before it gets released into the main game. And yes, the Beta PUBG Mobile is a separate app from the regular PUBG Mobile, instead of being a separate region you can choose from like in Overwatch. This means you get to switch between playing a buggier, less stable Beta of a future update and the regular PUBG Mobile that everyone is familiar with.

The Beta version currently allows for players to try out 3 main features. First is the new War mode, a faster paced version of the Arcade mode from the base game, which was already fast-paced since it only has 28 players on the map and a 10 minute timer. Next, is a new sniper rifle, the SLR sniper rifle. And finally, the Portable Closet, which allows players to change their outfits in-game instead of changing it in the main menu between games. A useful feature for the fashion savvy player, though be sure to use it when nobody’s around as it leaves the player wide open for attacks.

Overall it’s nice seeing Tencent Games taking measures to improve the quality of their games, especially by letting players try and experience first-hand new features before they are polished for the main game. Currently, the base game is still in early-access, but this new Beta version seems to be aiming for the full-release of the game to go faster. Try it out for yourselves here on the Play Store or download the regular PUBG Mobile here.

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