Battlefield 5 Is Making A Battle Royale Mode Because Why Not

By Intan Mawarni on Apr 19, 2018

It seems like every game developer is jumping onto the bandwagon of the battle royale frenzy, made popular by the likes of PUBG, Fortnite and the most recent contender in the genre, Radical Heights.

Moreover, a big shooter franchise like Call of Duty is ditching their single-player campaign which has been the long-lasting tradition for over 10 years, and are planning to put a battle royale mode into the mix.

It seems that the world’s famous first-person shooter series Battlefield is also heading in that direction because the battle royale mode is currently in the works by the developer DICE for their new Battlefield 5.

According to a report from VentureBeat, DICE is preparing a preliminary version of a battle royale mode. However, the studio has yet to receive a green-light for the release.

No one knows whether the studio wants the battle royale mode to be included in the Battlefield 5 launch, or as downloadable content later, or to include it in the next Battlefield 6 or even introduce them in the Star Wars: Battlefront games or if they are making a whole new game surrounding that feature. No statements have been made by the studio as to the exact implementation of this battle royale mode.

Leaked image that reveal the next Battlefield game is called as Battlefield 5
Leaked image that reveal the next Battlefield game is called as Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 will be returning back to the World War II setting which hasn't been visited since the 2009’s Battlefield 1943 online spin-off. It’s not a surprise as the previous Battlefield 1 was set in World War I.

The Battlefield 1’s story campaign feature of branching out into small episodes concerning soldiers on both sides of the conflict will also be coming back to Battlefield 5.

Another interesting rumour about the upcoming game is the special co-op mission which players take control of squads through “randomly generated Conquest missions.” A follow-up leak report from VentureBeat stated it’s still unclear whether the cooperative mode will support splitscreen but DICE will figure out this question sooner or later.

The new Battlefield rumour also suggests that players will be allowed to be prone on their backs  similiar to Ubisoft’s Rainbow: Six Siege. This will be a great addition for interesting firefights in the Battlefield’s famous wide open spaces.

Battlefield 5 is scheduled to release on October this year. The next EA Play on June confirms that the publisher will unveil new Battlefield footage so stay connected with us through our Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news.

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