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By Dale Bashir on Oct 24, 2017

New features are here for users as Blizzard rolls out all new communication features for its online gaming platform. Now you can group up, send gifts to each other, and so much more.

With the all-new Social tab, players can jump right into their online interactions with a click of a button. All related info is there, such as your friends' list, chats, the new group tab, and all your other various channels. These features are all also integrated with the new mobile app that is available now on IOS and Android devices. Along with that, players can now also further customize their profiles to be able to have different avatars as your profile picture from more than 100 different Blizzard characters.

One feature they are adding that fans have been wanting is the ability to appear online. With it, you can have a leisurely round of Hearthstone in peace without having Deckard_Cain99 challenging you to a duel every 5 minutes. When you're not avoiding interactions from other players, you can also gift your friends' in-game items from the shop tab, choosing from card packs for Hearthstone to even loot boxes for Overwatch.

Whether you're gifting some Halloween goodies for your friends or discussing the upcoming Blizzcon, is now the place for all things Blizzard and more.

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