At 80 Hours Long, Kingdom Hearts III Is The Longest Square Enix Action RPG

By Dale Bashir on Jul 30, 2018

Kingdom Hearts III is definitely on everyone’s mind as of late. The E3 trailers showed off new worlds and plot details that has everyone hyped up for Disney and Square’s new game. Like any good JRPG, Kingdom Hearts III will take us on a wild ride filled with mystery, excitement, and intrigue. But for how long exactly?

According to, a Square Enix sales representative has confirmed that the game will be at least 80 hours long, with about 8 worlds confirmed at the time of writing, who knows what other content we have in store in Kingdom Hearts III. That being said, how does it stack up to the rest of the series? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the first instalment, Kingdom Hearts. Right from the get-go, Kingdom Hearts shows off its length and variety with how much it can pack into one game. Even with the Final Mix expansion, it has a total of 13 worlds to explore, with the shoot-em-up Gummi Ship sections in between, rescuing 99 dalmations, and a plethora of other mini-games to enjoy. All in all, it takes just under 24 hours to finish the game, with a total of  60 hours to fully complete it.

In Kingdom Hearts II, there are 17 worlds, both returning and brand new, a whole bunch of new post-game bosses and challenges, which tallies up to about 30 hours. Completionist would complete the game at an average of 72 hours, close to the new Kingdom Hearts’ gameplay length.

Of course, Kingdom Hearts isn’t a trilogy. In fact, Kingdom Hearts III is actually the 10th game in the series! Besides the 2 numbered titles, there are 7 more games to play if you want to catch up to the new stuff in III. If you have a PS4, then the good news is that all of them are available on the platform through 3 collections. So, to play in entirety, the 3 compilations on PS4 would take a total of 160 hours. Just to play through, no completionist runs. This would mean that the gameplay length of Kingdom Hearts III is actually half of the entire series. Even a completionist run of Nier: Automata would take only 60 hours long.

So all those years of waiting will finally culminate into what may be the longest Kingdom Hearts game yet and even the longest Action RPG Square Enix has ever put out. Of course, all of this is mere speculation and speedrunners or repeat playthroughs of the games will take much faster too. We still don’t know what other new things Kingdom Hearts III will throw at us, more bosses, DLC, we shall see. Check out how long each game is right here on

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