Are You Ready For These Indie Games That Are Coming To PS4 This Week?

By Yue Lynn on May 8, 2018

Image Credit: PlayStation
Image Credit: PlayStation

This week may very well be a game-changing one for Malaysians as we will have the 14th General Election. In the future aftermath of the results, when all is said and done, there are some ways to unwind, destress and take your mind off (or hit the pause button in case of denials) real life for a while. One of such ways is to chill via getting some cool indie PS4 video games.

Triple A blockbusters may be all the rage, but that doesn’t mean non-mainstream games are ignorable. Besides satisfying niche gaming tastes, indie titles are also more affordable and there’s a vast library of such games out there. While you’re more than welcomed to click through them on Google, here are four new ones you should check out this week:

Paladins (Release Date: 8th May 2018)

After years studying in beta university since September 2016, Paladins is finally ready to graduate! Paladins’ developer, Hi-Rez Studios, announced that it will be launching the title on 8th May in addition to teasing a month-long worth of “contests, broadcasts, giveaways, videos, in-game events, and more.” For those who are unfamiliar with Paladins, it’s a team-based shooter that draws comparison with Overwatch. In Paladins, players have a choice of  36 Champions with a few game modes to play in. Additionally, one of this title’s defining feature is its Cards system, an important element that players need to use to buff up their Champions.

Paladins is also available for PC and Xbox One.

Tacoma (Release Date: 8th May 2018)

Tacoma is created by Gone Home’s developer, Fullbright. Similar to Gone Home, Tacoma is a  story-driven exploration game where environment interaction is a key gameplay mechanic. In this game, you play as a contractor who was sent to the titular space station to investigate what had happened to said station’s six missing human occupants (emphasis on the word ‘humans’ because AI is a significant theme in the game, without giving anything away). As you explore Tacoma (literally and metaphorically) and piece together the mystery, you will unravel the truth behind Tacoma’s actual mission.

Tacoma is also available for PC and Xbox One.

Through the Woods (Release Date: 8th May 2018)

I was a threat to it and I didn’t belong there. The grass beneath my feet will resist my every footstep and the trees seem to bend and stretch as I passed them. The only thing I had to my advantage was the claustrophobic cone of my flashlight. It was a horrific feeling.

When asked about  “the forest”, the above was conveyed by the protagonist of this adventure-horror game. Infusing influences from Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales, Through the Woods deftly plays on a woman’s fear as she ventures into the eponymous woods to find her missing son. Blending beauty (good environment design) with bleakness (forbidding setting) and loneliness with loss, Through the Woods posed a warning to players that some woods are better left untouched.

Through the Woods is also available for PC and Xbox One.

Raging Justice (Release Date: 8th May 2018)

This title is described as a “modern take on the 2D scrolling brawler that pulls the classic genre kicking and screaming into the 21st century”. Aside from going solo, players can also opt for the co-op mode; though the Raging Justice did hint that getting hit by friendly fire is a possibility. Boasting side-scrolling combat actions, bountiful weapon choices and bringing “punks to justice”, this one is perfect for those who are seeking for some retro arcade-inspired fighting games to brawl on!

Raging Justice is also available for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

So, did any of the above titles pique your interest?

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