Another Weekend, Another Steam Sale: Warner Bros Publisher Sale This Weekend

By Dale Bashir on Sep 29, 2017

Another weekend is here and get your wallets ready folks, Warner Bros is having a publisher sale on Steam for their games, with games going up to 75% off its normal price. 

The main games in the limelight are the all-new Middle-Earth: Shadow of War which is coming out soon and is available for RM105, Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition, which has the fourth game in the Arkham series and all of its DLCs. Mortal Kombat X, the tenth Fatality inducing game by Netherrealm and also Mad Max, an open-world game based on the Mad Max series of movies. Shadow of War is a must-have for fans of the Lord of The Ring and the rest are incredible games and definitely belong in your collection.

You can also get the other Batman Arkham games and also Shadow of Mordor too. If you're looking for co-op games there are a bunch of Lego games ranging from Star Wars to Harry Potter, or there's even Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, a revamp of the 80s arcade classic that features all of the 4 player frantic multiplayer action we all have come to love from the series.

The action puzzle adventure game, Scribblenauts Unlimited is also on sale and includes even more things that players can create by just typing it into the game. Solve problems with the power of your magic notebook and collect Starites to progress through the game. You could even pick up the sequel, Scribblenauts Unmasked, which takes the core gameplay of the previous game and places it into the DC Universe. With that, you can finally orchestrate some massive war ala Crisis on Two Earths and add your own spin on it, like making able to fly or have Lex Luthor wear a wig.

Here's a game that you should pick up if you haven't already, Bastion from Supergiant Games came out in 2011 and still holds up today as a great isometrical action RPG. It is one of the best indie games to come out in this generation and is a testament to how small developers can achieve great success with a lot of hard work and a great idea.

Last but not least is the F.E.A.R Collection, which has all three games in the horror, survival, first-person shooter and all of its DLCs as well. For RM 24.75, you get a bang for your buck and get to own the seminal game by Shadow of Mordor developers Monolith software and see their early success with a story based game with plenty of action. 

With so many games and so little time, one can hope to buy these games and then find the time to actually play them. The sale ends on the 2nd of October, so act now to save a bunch of money on a whole lot of awesome games by Warner Bros.

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