Animal Crossing Moves Into Your Smartphone This November

By Dale Bashir on Oct 25, 2017

As was foretold, Animal Crossing is getting a mobile version in the form of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, coming to IOS and Android devices this November.

Instead of moving into a new town, players get to be the new campsite manager for all your animal pals to enjoy the great outdoors at. In the campsite, players get to customize the site to their liking and befriend the familiar faces of Animal Crossing as they drop by to hang out. Whether it's town mayor assistant Isabelle or the notorious Tom Nook, all of your favourites are here to grace your campsite.

There are many different ways to customize the site and your personal camper, which acts similarly to your home in previous installments. Have it your way and build the site to your heart's content and be sure to have a splendid old time with the variety of animal villagers that will be coming your way.

In between all the customizing and befriending, players can venture out to Sunburst Island to catch bugs, gather fauna and even do quests set by your fellow villagers. Completing quests for your animal buddies awards Friendship points that will build up and make you have a stronger bond with that friend, eventually making them come to your campgrounds more often. Hopefully, we wouldn't be having any Friday the 13th sort of shenanigans coming around your campsite. 

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp seems to be the next Nintendo mobile hit and features all the charm we have all come to love out of the franchise. Pre-registration is now live for the game and players who are interested can sign-in with their existing Nintendo accounts.

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