Angry local reactions to YouTuber's dislike of grass jelly drink prompts video response

By Melvyn Tan on Aug 11, 2017

Image source: Tokopedia
Image source: Tokopedia

YouTuber Driftor is most likely known for his videos on shooter games - especially those in the Call of Duty series - in which he doles out weapon reviews, in-depth discussions and thoughts on various things, all while showing gameplay that makes me glad that there's a popular YouTuber who doesn't necessarily have Godlike skills. But it seems that on August 5, Driftor ended up creating another reason to be famous, or perhaps infamous, among Malaysians - his dislike of grass jelly or cincau.

Long story short, Driftor tweeted a picture of him holding a can of Yeo's Grass Jelly Drink and called it "the worst drink on the planet". Not the kind of thing a cincau lover would like to hear, for sure, but his opinion of the drink prompted stronger reactions than expected. While there were those who gave friendly replies that included an advice to mix it with a glass of soybean (soya cincau!) and a cendol recommendation, there were others who felt offended and had more hostile things to say in response:

Luckily, there were a good number of good-natured or defensive/supportive comments that followed as well:

But even so, the negative stuff got to the point where Driftor ended up making a video response to it, which was released about six hours ago at time of writing. Instead of being purely centered on the cincau incident, he decided to delve into the topic of racism versus prejudice, coupled with Modern Warfare Remastered gameplay. I'd be honest, the gameplay kept distracting me from the topic at times, but what I did hear was interesting - like Driftor having Malaysian in-laws and pronouncing cincau as "sinsao". Luckily, "sinsao" doesn't seem to have sparked any more outrage.

On a more serious note, Driftor's words on the subject aren't mere throwaway stuff and are worth a listen. And if it's too heavy a subject to start off the day with, there's still the gameplay to enjoy.

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