An Ode to Mushi

By Nicolas See Tho on Aug 22, 2017

Mushi is one of the most successful Dota 2 players that SEA has to offer. He has wiped the field of his peers. to give you a better view of his achievements, take a look at his greatest achievements yet:


  1. The Internationals 2013 - 3rd Place
  2. The International 2014 - 4th Place
  3. The International 2016 - 4th Place


We all know Mushi is a man of few words and Valve’s True Sight has devastated his reputation. Today, we will be talking about all his greatest moments and how he helped placed Malaysia on the world map.


Image result for imma rape you mushi
Image result for imma rape you mushi

Back during his early days, Mushi is popular for decimating his opponents through lane domination and superior maneuverability around the map.

Mushi, during his prime form, is one of the most devastating laners to go against. Beating Dendi in DAC 2015 Solo-Mid Event and eventually crowned champion. His signatures heroes are mostly elusive and it takes enormous effort in order to pin him down.


The Great Escape


How difficult is it to bring Mushi down? Apparently it takes 3 EG members to handle a beast like Mushi:


Mushi escapes with swag, wasted Universe’s Ravage and leave the rest of EG’s members to dust.

SEA Domination


Back in 2014, after Mushi’s departure from DK, he returned to Malaysia to help develop the Malaysian scene. Mushi’s team had dominated the SEA region with a score spanning across 17-win streaks. On the 18th game, they lost to Invasion (KecikImba was there at that time.)

In 2015, Mushi’s new team consisted of Ohaiyo, Johnny, KyXy and Kecik Imba won 4 SEA qualifiers and accumulated 16-win streaks immediately secured an invite to The International 2015.



Fast foward to 2016, after acquiring MidOne as his new Midlaner. Fnatic goes on a 21-win streak,while achieveing 1st place during these events:

1. The Shanghai Major 2016 SEA Qualifier

2.WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 SEA Division

3.EPICENTER: SEA Qualifier

4.BTS: South East Asia

5.ESL One Frankfurt SEA Qualifier

6.SEA Kappa Invitational

7.Starladder iLeague Star Series Season 2

8.The Summit 5 SEA Qualifiers

9.SEA Kappa Invitational Season 2.

The International 2016 Fnatic vs Liquid Comeback

Image result for epic comeback is real
Image result for epic comeback is real

Fnatic was down by at least 20,000 gold in game 2 and score kill was 25-7 favoring Team Liquid. It was a dire situation but Fnatic managed to team-wipe Liquid 3 times, made a huge comeback and eventually taking the game, allowing Fnatic to advance to the Top 6 facing MVP. Phoenix. Here is the footage below:


The Legendary Cumback from 3:0

During the 2014 WPC ACE DotA 2 League, Team DK is down by 3-0. IG was confident after wiping them 3-0. After the lunch break, DK came back strong and in a fashion - stomping IG in all games and bagged the champion.



No matter how hard the fans treated Mushi by calling him names and criticising his failure, true fans will understand how hard he fought to make SEA DotA what it is today. Mushi’s shortcomings led him to missing his first ever TI in 2017. He promised to come back strong and never give up.

Until next time.

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