An Inquisitive Look Into Re:Legend With Magnus Games

By Dale Bashir on Aug 17, 2017

You might have heard of an upcoming local startup game that is making waves internationally. If you haven't check out Re:Legend on Kickstarter. You can also read more about the game at our previous article here. But today, we talked to Magnus Games on their progress and success of their debut game, which has been part of the exclusive Square Enix Collective. 

Gamehubs: First of all, congratulations on reaching your campaign goal and raising more than 500% of your target. Did it come as a surprise that the response has grown this much?

Magnus Games: Definitely! We did not see that coming but we are really happy to see how supportive the communities are. This really gives us a huge boost in confidence and motivation to the whole team that is working very hard on Re: Legend. We’ve been through hard times, and many kinds of challenges, and sometimes we start doubting our decisions, but luckily we made the right move by believing in our passion, and this is just the beginning.


Gamehubs: Has this been the dream game for the team or is this just the beginning of a slate of games that are yet to come?

Magnus Games: We have been gamers since young, we played Digimon World, Monster Hunters, Harvest Moon, Fantasy Life, Monster Rancher, Final Fantasy and much more. I think we’ve spent thousands of hours in those games all together. That is where we started getting exposed to Japanese RPG, and Simulation games. I would say Re: Legend is our dream game because we are focusing on the multiplayer aspect which we wanted to experience in this kind of genre but have yet to find one. Luckily enough, we have the chance to make our concept into reality.  

Gamehubs: What are some of your earliest gaming memories? How did you get your start on all things gaming?

Magnus Games: We started gaming in the 90’s, starting with, Nintendo consoles, Sega, Play Station 1 and much more. That is the reason why we wanted to develop a console game. We even tried making our own game when we were still studying, with just the both of us and launched it on App stores. We learn while we play. That became a habit until today. We will always talk about the colors, the theme, the plot, the camera angle, and much more.

Gamehubs: During the ideation process of the game, did you go for ideas that you think gamers want in a game or for ideas that you personally would want to be placed within the games?

Magnus Games: Yes for both scenarios. Although what we like might not be what other gamers like, as gamers ourselves, we will always look at the idea from a gamer’s perspective. We don't want to make games that only appeal to us but not to the crowd. Games are meant to be shared and enjoy amongst friends by creating memorable experiences.

Gamehubs: There are many references within this game which project itself from the 32-bit era of games, are there any modern influences to Re: Legend’s design and mechanics?

Magnus Games: We believe that most of the modern games are influenced by all the classic titles. As a modern indie game developer, we are trying to improvise those classic games by adding in new ideas. At our artwork design, we’ve tried many different kinds of directions, from matured to anime, to cartoon, and finally, the whole team agreed on the “chibi” style. We wanted gamers to feel comfortable, relaxed and at the same time feel cool when you caught a dragon looking Magnus. I would say, Re: Legend is a hybrid between cute and cool.   

Gamehubs: Do you see Re: Legend becoming a multimedia franchise in the near future? E.g. through comic books, an animated series or through having toys and merchandise?

Magnus Games: Yes. Actually, if you look carefully at our Kickstarter Page, you are able to get our limited edition Physical Plushie. Additionally, you can also get artbooks and soundtracks which will be recorded live in Boston. We will be using the same orchestra team who recorded for Final Fantasy 15, so it's pretty exciting stuff. So far, we already have Momochi, Dragonewt, and Snachi ready to be made into plushies. In the future, we will also plan to release some limited edition collectibles.

Gamehubs: Re: Legend is getting a lot of hype from gamers everywhere around the world, is it a relief to know that your game is going to make a lot of gamers happy and does it add to the pressure of delivering a great final product for your fans?

Magnus Games: Like what Spiderman’s Uncle said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Since we are the creators of the game, it’s our responsibility to ensure the quality of the game. Looking at the positive response from gamers around the world, we are really happy and grateful. Our team will try to use this as a motivation for improvement and to deliver what we’ve promised so far. We don't want to give empty promises. All the stretch goals, for example, have been added into the development timeline as we progress, to make sure we are utilizing our resources and time. We will try our best to deliver a good game to those who believe in us.   

Gamehubs: This might just be the biggest indie game to come out of Malaysia and even the SEA region, how does it feel to be the pioneer of indie games within this region?

Magnus Games: To be honest, there are many talented and passionate developers in Malaysia and SEA. We’ve met many of them during events, and conferences which make us feel excited. We are still fairly new, and much more to learn. The journey of learning will never end, so we are still working hard to make sure we are improving, at the same time contributing to the society and industry.

Gamehubs: The new mystery stretch goals have been revealed, which are the new weapon classes and Magnus. Would those two additions be implemented in the game even if it wasn’t achieved? Would it have been added in the game as DLC?

Magnus Games: If we couldn’t hit the stretch goal (we hope it will), we might only be able to add it in as a DLC or a new patch over the base game, after all, we have sufficient resources. To make sure it won’t happen that way, please share around and back us up on Kickstarter, thanks in advance guys.

Gamehubs: All three of the console stretch goals have been funded, was getting it on consoles a priority or was it a way to include gamers from all facets of gaming?

Magnus Games: We felt that the game will be suitable for handheld consoles like Nintendo Switch. Through some surveys, we found out that there are quite a number of people asking about consoles. That is where we think porting the game to all consoles might be a good thing to have, not to generate more revenue but to make sure our game reaches out to more people who love playing Simulation RPGs.  

Gamehubs: Re: Legend releases sometime in 2018, what are the plans for the future ahead? What comes next after Re: Legend?

Magnus Games: If the title is well accepted, we will definitely think about creating a sequel for Re: Legend. But at the moment we will be focusing on Re: Legend to make sure we could deliver a great game to those who are waiting for it.

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