Alan Wake to be removed from stores, will be 90% off on Steam in Sunset Sale (Updated)

By Melvyn Tan on May 13, 2017

Image source: Steam
Image source: Steam

Update: Alan Wake is also 90% off on GOG.

Original article: After May 15 arrives, you will no longer be able to purchase torchlight-shining action-horror game Alan Wake and its DLC from both physical and digital stores.

Developer Remedy Entertainment broke the sad news on Twitter, citing expiring music licenses as the cause. When asked why they couldn't just remove the songs, they replied that it's "really not so simple for a large variety of engineering, resources, etc reasons". It should be noted however that current owners will not lose their copies of the game.

Fortunately, the studio said in an FAQ on its forums that it's looking into relicensing the music - though it may take some time - while stand-alone follow-up Alan Wake's American Nightmare already had its music licensing renegotiated and thus will continue to be sold. Furthermore, Remedy will be holding a big sale for the franchise on Steam in the last couple of days that it will be sold.

The Alan Wake's Sunset Sale starts from May 13 at 10am PST, and it slashes a whopping 90% off the prices. Should the Alan Wake Franchise Package receive that discount too, that means we can get it all for RM7.50, which is a huge steal. It's uncertain if the same discount will happen to GOG and Xbox Store copies of the game, as Remedy can only control the game's price on Steam. 

This isn't the first time expired music licensing and video games have crossed paths. Grand Theft Auto games San Andreas and Vice City currently feature less songs than they did originally - 17 and 8 respectively, with an update for the former removing the songs from even those who bought the game before the expiration. Meanwhile, fans of Mafia 2 speculated that expired music licenses were the reason the game was pulled from Steam in 2015, although it made a return the next year with no explanation for the removal.

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