Agents of Mayhem's Franchise Force agents blast their way into the spotlight

By Melvyn Tan on May 9, 2017

Volition's Saint's Row spin-off Agents of Mayhem is back with a new trailer, this time introducing a trio of characters called the Franchise Force. Consisting of Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtack, they're the first agents of the organization MAYEHEM and seem perfectly capable of bringing fun and mayhem to the battlefield.

Hollywood demonstrates the wacky attitude of the colourful open world shooter easily, having a reality star background and being shown naked and cuffed before the one minute mark hits. His assault rifle and explosive shots provide a more ordinary impression, though they don't make him look dull either. 

Fortune, on the other hand, packs twin pistols and a drone that zaps enemies surrounding her. She can also seemingly boost her jumps and provide some mobility. Hardtack is the biggest and carries a shotgun-like weapon that is revealed to cause delayed explosions. Surprisingly, he also provides utility in the form of large bubble-like spheres that leave enemies trapped (and bouncing) and at the mercy of being smashed into the air by Hardtack's melee attack.

Compared to previous gameplay footage, the game looks quite a bit more fun and entertaining in this trailer, though it's still too early to properly judge. In the full release, there will be more characters to choose from, and the teleport technology of the game allows for instant agent-swapping in combat, allowing injured characters to heal in the mean time or letting players adapt to the situation. 

The trailer also reveals the Legal Action Pending DLC that will be part of the Day One Edition of the game. There're six cosplay skins offered, including one that's remniscent of Iron Man, and pre-ordering lets you unlock them at launch. That launch will happen on August 15 in the U.S. and on the 18th everywhere else, with PS4, Xbox One and PC being the available platforms. 

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